Google Analytics Draws Top Advertisers

Some of Google's largest advertisers are expected to get help improving their Web sites via Google Analytics, which just partnered with a third-party company.

Google said today that it would work with interactive agency and Web analytics firm ZAAZ, Seattle, to serve enterprise customers using Google Analytics. ZAAZ will provide services beyond what Google Analytics otherwise offers, for a fee.

Deckers Outdoor Corp. (which markets Ugg shoes), Ritz Interactive, Carl Kucher Enterprises (which has Carl's Jr., Hardees and other businesses) and several other large firms already use Google Analytics.

Corporate America's use of Google Analytics is surprising because longtime Web analytics executives thought only small and midsize businesses would take advantage of Google's free Web analytics service when it was announced in November. Google charged $199 a month for it previously.

“Google is going after a different type of client — Fortune 1000 companies — than we are,” Lisa Wehr, CEO of SEO firm Oneupweb, Lake Leelanau, MI, told DM News at the time.

However, that may be changing. A Google executive said many large enterprise customers requested Google Analytics so Google decided to outsource some of that work.

“We have a very high interest and demand from the high end of the market,” said Brett Crosby, product marketing manager of Google Analytics. “Sometimes the high end moves a little more slowly. I have been surprised how quickly they have moved to Google Analytics.”

Explaining the ZAAZ partnership, Crosby said Google wants not only to increase advertisers' use of Web analytics, but also help them use the data gathered.

“We won't improve the Web if they don't use the data,” he said. “They [ZAAZ] focus on using Web analytics data for making improvements to your site and your online marketing.”

Google was “heavily surprised” by the demand for Google Analytics when it launched, Crosby said, which led the search giant to switch to inviting certain advertisers to use Google Analytics. “It is another lever we can pull on scalability so we can make sure we have more predictable growth to the system.”

ZAAZ will work with Google enterprise customers, for a fee that the agency declined to name, by optimizing advertisers' online marketing efforts including paid search, improving their site design, gathering insight into online visitor behavior and improving user experience.

The company conducts accuracy audits, creates forecasting models and conducts A/B and multivariate testing, among other services.

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