Goodmail and Epostmarks to debut USPS postmarked e-mail

Goodmail Systems and Epostmarks have introduced “Postmarked Email,” a platform that places US Postal Service Electronic Postmarks on Web messages via Goodmail’s CertifiedEmail platform.

The platform’s goal is to further secure e-mails so that messages that typically rely on the security of the mail, such as transactional statements from banks or credit card information, can now be sent via e-mail.

The platform will use CertifiedEmail’s Blue Ribbon icon, as well as the USPS logo. The Postal Service will add the legal protections and enforcement capabilities of the agency to any electronic message using the platform.

“It really is about the layering of a higher level of enforcement onto the Goodmail platform,” said Peter Horan, CEO of Goodmail Systems. “We wanted to layer on that next level of assurance and security level.”

Using the USPS Electronic Postmark (EPM) technology also gives messages an auditable time-and-date-stamping service that verifies the authenticity of electronically transmitted documents and files.

“It is really about giving senders confidence to use e-mail, in many cases rather than physical mail,” added Horan. “We are offering a way to send these same communications via e-mail with confidence, and it will help businesses send money.”

Using the Goodmail stamp of approval via e-mail requires compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act and with the regulations of the major ISPs. The fees are based on volume of e-mail being sent.

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