Good Housekeeping rewards readers

Good Housekeeping has launched a reader incentive and loyalty program — Good Housekeeping Rewards — with help from Affinity Solutions.

Readers can get coupons for participating retailers such as Macy’s, Banana Republic and Target on Good Housekeeping’s Web site. They can also qualify for cash-back rewards if they are subscribers or become subscribers within 90 days.

“Our brand promise is based on ‘Save me money, save me time, save me hassle,’ and on each of these Good Housekeeping Rewards lives up to the promises,” said Beth Ifcher, VP consumer marketing at Good Housekeeping. “What differentiates this from some other programs is it’s a two-level program: instant redeemable coupons for anyone on the site, stacked on top of cash-back for subscribers.”

Ifcher noted that the program is expected to draw in younger readers for the magazine, since Web site visitors tend to be about 10 years younger than the print audience.

In-book ads and onserts will advertise Good Housekeeping Rewards to readers starting with the July issue, and promotions will also be integrated into renewal and billing statements. Good Housekeeping Rewards will also be heavily promoted online.

“We feel we are really offering a benefit to readers and subscribers, and with that we’re anticipating deepening the loyalty of our readers,” Ifcher said. “Good Housekeeping has high retention rates to begin with, but this program is more about integrating the audience with the full brand — not just magazine.”

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