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Goldstein retires from IDG

Deb Goldstein, president of IDG List Services, will retire from her position at the end of September.

Goldstein, who has been with IDG for 21 years, will be succeeded by VP of IDG List Services Andrew Sambrook. Assuming the new title of general manager, rather than president, Sambrook becomes the new head of IDG List Services and will be responsible for all sales and operations at IDG.

President of IDGáList Servicesásince 1991, Goldstein was named 2007 Direct Marketer of the Year by the New England Direct Marketing Association.

Sambrook began at the company in 1988. After a two-year hiatus from IDG List Services early in his career, he returned in 1995 to helm the launch of the brokerage division. Under his tenure, the business has grown to more than 120 clients.

IDG List Services is a data intelligence company that specializes in lists, data append and lead generation customer service. The company works primarily in the high-tech and business-to-business sector.

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