Godfather’s Pizza brings ordering to the inbox

Food chains Godfather’s Pizza, Not Your Average Joe’s and Tenderjacks have all partnered with online marketing firm Fishbowl to let consumers order food using e-mail or mobile phone.

“Consumers can order at their own pace [or] schedule for the future,” said Scott Savino, product director for online ordering at Fishbowl. “Being able to order online is a good experience for consumers.”

When a customer signs up to order online, he or she is offered the option to opt in for e-mails. Through the online ordering process, customers can create profiles with favorite orders and the restaurants can build a database of a customer’s favorite orders to help target messaging.

Savino said that after the online ordering process is in place, a second phase will involve building an e-mail marketing program for Godfather’s Pizza. Once the e-mail program is up and running for the pizza franchise, it will be able to send triggered messaging based on a customer’s behavior on the site. For example, if a customer hasn’t ordered a pizza in a month, an e-mail saying, “We miss you,” could be trigged and include an offer. The online ordering will help with list growth.

Fishbowl will be working with Godfather’s Pizza to roll out online ordering over the coming months. By the end of the year, the capability should be available in more than 200 stores nationwide.

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