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GMAC Re-Ups with Merkle

GMAC Insurance announced that it has signed a three-year contract extension with CRM agency Merkle, continuing a relationship begun in 2008. “Merkle is a strategic partner and a true extension of our internal marketing team,” said Benjamin Moore, vice president of GMAC.

GMAC reports that Merkle helped decrease its marketing cost per application while increasing policy sales by 6% in the past year, in large part due to more highly targeted customer segmenting and media purchasing. Merkle uses advanced data analytics to maintain GMAC’s database and deploy search ads, CRM efforts, direct mail, and telemarketing campaigns.

“Industries such as insurance and healthcare are becoming increasingly direct-to consumer,” says Merkle SVP John Lee. “Digitization of channels at these companies is driving a tremendous amount of their growth, and they’re seeing the need for greater sophistication in data analytics.”

GMAC Insurance Personal Lines Group sells automotive insurance to both consumer and commercial clients. Merkle, with $300 million in net billings last year, claims to be the nation’s largest privately held CRM agency.

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