Glock uses silver anniversary as launch point ?for integrated marketing campaign

The Offer: Pistol manufacturer Glock launched ?a 25th anniversary promotion with a new website, as well as print and digital ads featuring the well-known gun enthusiast R. Lee Ermey, aka “Gunny.” An anniversary-themed sweepstakes, announced prominently on ?the site, offers consumers the chance ?to win a trip to the brand’s birthplace and global headquarters in Austria. Consumers are also encouraged ?to submit their own Glock testimonials, some of ?which the company will use in its print ads. ??

The Data: To enter the sweepstakes, consumers ?must register on Glock’s website, which collects a large amount of data, including names, home addresses, ?email addresses, phone numbers and the number of Glocks they own. The campaign is targeted to existing Glock customers — specifically eight “key consumer groups” for which new functionality and e-commerce options were created on the site. ?

The Channel: In addition to the website-based sweepstakes, the campaign features online ads, a Facebook promotion, a three-page insert in Guns & Ammo magazine and a series of broadcast TV spots featuring Ermey and based around the theme “Somebody Picked the Wrong House.” The campaign stresses Glock as a safe option ?for home protection. ?

The Creative: The redesigned site features new elements that include a 360-degree view of each Glock model, consumer testimonials, videos and news items. ?


Jason Kulpa is CEO of Underground Elephant, a San Diego-based marketing company he founded in 2008. Kulpa last year was named “Most Admired CEO” by the San Diego Business Journal. He is a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization, a global association of young CEOs.

Glock misses the bull’s-eye when it comes to really explaining what makes it different than just owning a gun in general. The idea that “somebody picked the wrong house” is absurd, considering any gun would be convenient. Rather than selling peace of mind — the greatest motivator for purchasing a gun — Glock uses fear, which means fail.?

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