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Glad’s “wild life” Facebook campaign belongs in the bin

There’s not a bag big enough to dispose of the Glad Products Company‘s recent social venture.

At the campaign’s center is a reality show-inspired video “The Wild Life,” starring five animatronic animals — including a messy raccoon and a hoarding duck — designed to demonstrate that, as the tagline proclaims, “No matter how wild life gets, clean up is in the bag.” Sounds like they came up with the “clever” tagline and then shoehorned the campaign to fit it after-the-fact.

Visitors to Glad’s Facebook page can create their very own episode of “The Wild Life” using personal profile photos. Each video users create puts them in the running to win a $25,000 grand prize, or $100 each day. Win or lose, participants get a buck off their next trash bags purchase.

Glad gets credit for trying something new, but there’s a distinct stink of yesterday’s dinner about this one.

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