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Gigya: data depends on identity

I’m spending a lot of time at the Adobe Summit learning not just about the latest Adobe digital marketing news, but also about some of Adobe’s partners, who are bringing their own focus and expertise, and their distinctive skill-sets, and integrating them with the Adobe marketing cloud.

For example, Gigya, the customer identity management platform, which yesterday announced a partnership with Adobe Campaign. Custom integration will mean that websites and applications using Gigya’s range of log-in and registration services will be able to build identity and social data into Adobe Campaign customer profiles, and use it to enrich campaign targeting.

But back to basics for a moment. Speaking at Summit, Gigya CEO Patrick Salyer underlined the importance to marketing campaigns of what he called “the data piece.”

“Decisioning and delivery rely on the premise that you’re driving great data into them,” he said. But “the data piece–customer data–all depends on identity.” 

Gigya, said Salyer, manages hundreds of millions of identities for more than 700 enterprises globally. A fully SaaS-based registration-as-a-service tool allows rapid customization and revision of registration pages for websites and apps. Gigya adds social registration (via Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and social plug-ins, as well as registration gamification where required. Social registration is not only the route to deep troves of social data, but can generate 30-60 percent increases in sign-up rate, just because it’s easy for users.

Data collection is permission-based (which is mandatory under the terms of service of the main social plug-ins), and Salyer noted that registration actually increases, the more confidence customers have in how their data will be used.

Gigya also attempts the heavy-lifting task of matching identities across channels and unifying duplicate accounts, as well as promoting compliance with regulations governing data collection and privacy, which vary across borders.

The promise is that deep understanding of customer identity–on a highly personalized basis–will drive actionable customer insights for marketers. It certainly looks more promising than buying old cookie-based data from data brokers.

Adobe is covering The Hub’s travel and expenses to attend the event

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