Getting Personal Across Channels

There’s still a big disconnect between what marketers can do across channels. David Studinski reminded audience members of this during a keynote session at Sailthru Lift 2015. Studinski, director of product management for Sailthru, was also quick to point out that the goal of the company’s most recent product release is to help close that gap.

The email and personalization software company has released Personalization Engine, a solution designed to help marketers—especially those in retail and those who are publishers across industries—coordinate experiences across email, mobile, and their brand’s website. The solution aims to extend Sailthru’s personalize capabilities in email to its customers’ mobile apps and websites, as well as allow marketers who use the tool to coordinate their communications across those channels in real time.

Capabilities include selecting, coordinating, and serving personalized offers—orchestrated across channel—based on individual customers’ predicted purchase behaviors. It also provides product recommendations across channels based not only on customer data, but also on inventory and margin.

Studinski explained that these tools aim to help Sailthru customers increase their opportunities to boost revenue and drive conversions.

Additional capabilities include applying user data to individualize calls-to-action and recommending content based on reader interests within specific editorial sections of a website. In the case of the former, marketers could use Personalization Engine to serve a “sign up today” message to an anonymous reader or a “renew now” message to a known user. For the latter, the tool is designed to help marketers increase page views and recirculation through section-specific content recommendations.

“We want our customers to get the most ROI from our products,” Sailthru SVP of Product Stephen Dove said during the keynote.

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