Getting Elected Just Got Cheaper


Got $500 dollars and fancy yourself the next mayor of your town? Then ditch that marketing gig and call Targeted Victory. The digital political marketing firm that helped put Republican Greg Abbott in the Texas governor’s mansion by rounding up likely voters one-by-one is making its services available to small-budget candidates running on the local level. A new partnership with Facebook Ads makes it possible.

“We’ve taken this technology used in some of the largest campaigns in the country four and a half months ago and extended it to all campaigns,” says Targeted Victory cofounder Michael Beach (left). “We’re now a software company that can work with candidates running for the state house or Senate.”

Or anybody with 500 bucks and a right-leaning agenda. The company’s Targeted Engagement platform combines internal and external data on likely Republican voters and donors and uses modeling to optimize media mixes to reach them. $500 is the minimum to make the machine run, but Beach says that $10,000 can go a long way toward putting a local candidate in office.

“With a lot of our senatorial candidates last year, we found that we could reach 75% of target audiences on Facebook,” says Beach. “This is a powerful tool, because it allows you to compete with smaller resources. On TV, they’re missing about 30 percent of possible voters.”

Targeted Engagement is a SaaS platform that lets candidate organizations target across desktop, mobile, and TV. The Facebook upgrade adds the ability to post images, links, and videos with no minimum buy.

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