Gentner Seeks Change of Identity

Gentner Communications is preparing a direct mail drop as part of a long-term business-to-business campaign to promote the company's new brand identity.

The goal, said Angelina Beitia, director of marketing at Gentner, is to change the company's image from that of an audio conferencing company to one “concentrating on all aspects of the conferencing arena, including audio and video and all related conferencing services.”

The identity change was not prompted by increased interest in Web and teleconferencing business as a result of the terrorist attacks, Beitia said.

“We aren't doing this because of the events that took place in September,” she said. “Our plans for this campaign were in place well in advance of September.”

The direct mail effort will go out within six weeks to several hundred distribution partners and consultants compiled from an internal database. It will contain a dealer kit with information on the company and a product CD.

A 10-month print ad campaign began last month in five vertical-market trade publications, including Systems Contractor News, Sound and Video Contractor and Communications Convergence. The ads aim to drive people to the company's Web site and include information on new products.

“We want to use the ads to discuss the new identity of the company,” she said. “But we will also use them to launch specific products as well. They will be brand ads for the company but we will take full advantage of the space in the ads to promote our new, different products.”

Gentner worked with Boede Partners, Salt Lake City, UT, on the campaign.

Further down the road is a direct mail campaign to companies. It originally was scheduled to begin in 12 to 18 months, but Beitia said it might be moved up and expanded because of growing interest in Web and video conferencing.

“I don't know if it will broaden our target base anyway,” she said. “But when we begin marketing it to end users, we might consider doing that more quickly.”

Collateral for that campaign has not been designed, and the number of people it would target has not been determined, though it will go mostly to prospects.

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