Genre folds under economic pressure

Genre, a monthly publication devoted to gay news and lifestyles, has “temporarily suspended publication.” Representatives for the magazine could not be reached as of press time.

The 16-year-old glossy served around 55,500 readers according to its last ABC audit, which was in December 2007. Genre’s media kit reported that the magazine’s readers had an average age of 40 and average household income of $105,100.

The magazine may return once the economy improves, according to a statement from Genre Media CEO David Unger. That statement was posted on the magazine’s Web site.

“We thank all of our readers, advertisers and editorial staff for their support throughout our 16-year history and hope that we can re-establish our relationship when times are better,” it read.

The statement pointed to the current economy as the reasoning behind the closure. Unger’s statement insisted, however, that other magazines published by Genre parent Window Media would not be affected. Sibling titles include Washington Blade, Southern Voice, Houston Voice, South Florida Blade, David Atlanta and The 411 Magazine. In all, Window Media publications reach a combined weekly readership of 400,000.

Other gay publications also have been feeling the economic pinch. The New England Blade folded in late fall 2008, and The Advocate — which had a total circulation of 180,975 as of December 2008 — halved its frequency from twice monthly to monthly in January. 

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