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GE Enhances Product Site

General Electric's gesupply.com has expanded the product range for its QuickPix feature, which allows viewers to buy multiple variations of a product.

New products with the feature include conduit, pipe elbows and couplings, steel plugs, die cast plugs, plug-in circuit breakers, bolt-on circuit breakers, solid wire and stranded wire.

QuickPix shows users a two-dimensional table, similar to a spreadsheet, that lists product variations by material, color, size, diameter and length. Viewers can order by type and quantity without having part serial numbers.

Gesupply.com, part of GE Supply, Shelton CT, is a new business-to-business Web site that offers more than 250,000 products from about 200 manufacturers. The site succeeds GE Supply Net, the firm's real-time ordering site, which was launched in 1996.

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