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Gaza Comedians Spoof Van Damme’s Volvo Ad to Draw Attention to Fuel Shortage

A Palestinian comedy troupe has released a parody of one of this years most viral videos to draw attention to the energy crisis in Gaza.

Last month, a Volvo commercial with action star Jean-Claude Van Damme performing a split between two trucks went viral, with nearly 60 million views on YouTube, making it one of the most shared videos of the year. The Palestinian comedians, whose troupe is called Tashwesh Productions decided to create a parody of the ad to draw attention to the plight of Gazans, who are experiencing shortages in electricity, fuel and water.

Like Van Damme, troupe member Mahmoud Zuiter stands on the hoods of two cars and attempts the best split he can do. However, instead of motoring down the road, the camera pans out to reveal the cars are being physically pushed by five men.

“The electricity cuts off for 12 hours, the water turns on when the electricity cuts off. I miss taking a shower!” says Zuiter in a voiceover.  “All of this doesn’t make Van Damme better than me. But unfortunately, there is no gas in town.”

Here’s the original Volvo ad:

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