Gaylord Links Video Spot With Masters Coverage

Gaylord Event Television entered the direct response television arena with a 30-second test spot for a Jack Nicklaus highlight video April 7 and 8 during CBS' coverage of the 2001 Masters Tournament.

The one-hour video, titled “Jack Nicklaus — His March Through The Majors,” showcases the golfer's victories in major tournaments. The ad features clips from the video, a voice-over and an endorsement from Nicklaus.

The video got additional exposure when CBS, which holds the broadcast rights to it, ran the video in two one-hour segments with roughly 20 minutes of advertising before each day's Masters coverage. Nicole Ericson & Associates, the company managing the campaign, ran the 30-second spots after the video ran each day.

Though Ericson & Associates did not disclose sales figures for the test, the company said 90 percent of all callers ordered the $19.99 video or $24.99 DVD, and roughly 15 percent ordered a $39.95 upsell of the four-video collection from “Shell's Wonderful World of Golf” featuring Nicklaus tournament performances. The company said the ad might not have achieved a 100 percent conversion rate because during the test run the company did not accept checks or money orders.

Ericson & Associates, Los Angeles, plans to run the ad during golf coverage this month on ABC, ESPN and The Golf Channel, and it will roll out one- and two-minute spots for the video by early summer, depending on the success of the 30-second tests. The company also will advertise the video in golf publications and is closing a deal with undisclosed television shopping networks to market the product, said Nicole Ericson, president and founder of Nicole Ericson & Associates, Los Angeles. The video will be distributed in retail locations, including Blockbuster Video, in early May through Steeplechase Entertainment's retail distribution network, she added.

Ericson & Associates is responsible for production, scripting and campaign management. NFI Industries, Vineland, NJ, is responsible for fulfillment, and West Teleservices Corp., Omaha, NE, is performing telemarketing.

Gaylord Event Television is developing a Web site to market the product.

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