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Gartner revenue up

Research and analysis firm Gartner‘s fourth quarter 2011 revenue increased by 12% to $427.7 million, compared with the same quarter in 2010. For the entirety of 2011, total revenue increased by 14% to $1.46 billion, an increase of 14% over 2010. Net income for the year was $136.9 million.

“We had strong growth across all geographies, all client sizes and all industry segments,” said Gene Hall, Gartner’s chief executive officer, in an earnings call on Feb. 7.

Chris Lafond, Gartner’s EVP and CFO, said during the call that the revenue spike resulted from increases in volume and contract value growth. He said that 85% came from volume growth and 15% came from price increases. “New business was mixed between sales to new clients and sales of new services to existing clients,” he said.

Revenue from research for the fourth quarter increased 14% to $262.6 million compared with the same quarter in 2010, excluding the impact of foreign exchange. For the full 2011 year, research revenue increased 14% to $1 billion compared with 2010, excluding the impact of foreign exchange.

The company said it xpects that revenue will continue to grow in 2012, and predicts that it will increase by 9% to 12% this year to approximately $1.6 to $1.65 billion. “Based on the … expectations of a reasonable economic environment in 2012, we believe our business is well positioned for another year of strong growth,” Lafond said.

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