is a sleek, simple and functional apparel website sells clothing for the entire family, including women, men, babies, toddlers, kids and expectant mothers. The different pages are separated by these exact categories, making the site easy to use at every step of the shopping experience.

After clicking on a category, the shopper is led to that page, and the different types of apparel are listed on the left side. Petite and tall “Special Sizes” are listed at the top. Viewing items is exceptional. Shoppers get a full picture of the model wearing an item. Hovering over an item, a zoom-in window pops up without the full picture disappearing.

There is also a quick “review summary,” which allows users to leave comments and rate the accuracy of the overall size on a scale from one to 10. In addition, there are also suggestions of similar items a shopper might like on the right.

If an item is added to the shopping cart, the cart appears in a small window without leaving the page. But do not close the window or items will vanish at checkout. Shoppers know exactly what they are being charged when they arrive at the sleek and simple checkout page, including shipping fees. Links to Gap’s affiliates, like Old Navy and Banana Republic, are also posted.

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