G2 Crowd Releases Top MarTech Software Tools for 2018

Earlier today, G2 Crowd released its annual ranking of the World’s Top 100 Software Companies for 2018 — a list based on user reviews earned over fiscal year 2017.

Leading the pack is Slack, Shopify, Google, and Mailchimp, with Salesforce rounding out the top five. Other notables include Adobe, Hubspot, and SAP.

“We are excited to release this year’s Best Software Companies list and recognize brands who are providing a high quality product to their customers,” said Tim Handorf, co-founder and CEO of G2 Crowd. “We built G2 Crowd to empower users with the ability to transparently help one another find the software solutions that best fit their needs.”

Unlike most company awards, the Top 100 Software Companies list is aggregated purely from feedback provided by customers. There is no self-promotion process or cost involved. At the end of the day, G2 Crowd was built to bring transparency to the business buying process, according to Ryan Bonnici, chief marketing officer for G2 Crowd.

In order to make the listing, users must have shared at least 100 reviews on the company’s products on G2 Crowd between January 7, 2017 and January 7, 2018.

You’ll also find a segmented list which follows the same selection criteria as the top 100 list, but features three lists of 50 filtered by company size. G2 Crowd uses the following definitions for customer segments:

–          Small-business: 1-50 employees

–          Mid-market: 51-1,000 employees

–          Enterprise: 1,001+ employees

Did your preferred software company make this list? 

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