Fulcrum Revs Up Interest With Direct Mail, Sweepstakes

ATLANTA — Fulcrum Analytics' little red corvette themed direct mail piece and booth sweepstakes was a prince of a campaign.

The standout element was a tube mailer that made the sound of a car revving up its motor when the lid was pulled out. Attached to the lid was a key that recipients could bring to the DMA·05 show and enter a sweepstakes to win a little red corvette that was on display at Fulcrum's booth. The rechargeable car sits two children up to 125 pounds and travels 5 mph.

Fulcrum, New York, mailed the piece to 1,200 names off the list of DMA·05 attendees. Response as of Monday morning was encouraging.

“We must have had 200 people in the first hour,” Fulcrum executive vice president Scott Morrison said.

By Tuesday afternoon, the sweepstakes had drawn enough interest that the database marketing solutions company opened entry to anyone who filled out a form at the show. It will name a winner in the next few weeks.

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