FTC Sets 31-Day Cycle for Telemarketers to Scub Lists

Telemarketers will have to remove names on the national no-call registry from their lists every 31 days rather than the current quarterly period beginning Jan. 1, 2005, the Federal Trade Commission announced yesterday.

The announcement follows a comment period that began in February. At that time the agency had suggested a 30 day-period, but it said yesterday that 31 days was chosen to provide sellers and telemarketers with the maximum time allowable to simplify the process of scrubbing their lists.

Consumers have registered 58.4 million phone numbers for the no-call registry, according to the FTC, and most telemarketers have complied with the scrubbing of their lists against the registry.

Among those submitting comment were the American Teleservices Association, Direct Marketing Association, Dial America, the National Retail Federation, SBC Communications and Verizon.

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