FTC Seeks Comment on Amendment to Scrub DNC Lists Monthly

The Federal Trade Commission announced a proposal yesterday to amend the Telemarketing Sales Rule to require that telemarketers access the national no-call registry on a monthly basis instead of quarterly.

U.S. Rep. Mark S. Kirk, R-IL, added the change to a federal appropriations bill that was signed by President Bush last month.

The FTC said it is requesting comment on two specific issues: The use of the phrase “thirty (30) days” rather than once a month, the phrase currently in the statute; and the date the amendment would take effect.

The FTC said it wanted 30 days “for greater clarity” and to bring about Congress’ intent to enable consumers “to assert valid do-not-call complaints one month after entering their numbers on the registry — rather than waiting three months, as they must do now.”

The FTC said a Federal Register notice will be published shortly seeking public comment. The act requires the FTC to amend the TSR within 60 days after the act was passed.

When the change was announced last month, the FTC said it would need to add infrastructure to its existing no-call list download site operated by AT&T to handle increased traffic from telemarketers. FTC officials also said they did not anticipate an increase in fees resulting from the new requirement.

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