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FTC Challenges Dietary Supplement

Two companies made false claims about the fat-fighting power of their dietary supplements in infomercials that ran on national cable and other marketing, the Federal Trade Commission charged Friday.

Slim Down Solution, West Palm Beach, FL, and Maderia Management Inc., Conroe, TX, along with their affiliated companies, face the charges involving their advertising of the “Slim Down Solution” product. The product contains the ingredient D-glucosamine, which the marketers claimed absorbs up to 20 grams of dietary fat and causes weight loss without diet or exercise, according to the FTC.

There is no scientific substantiation for the claims, the FTC said. Slim Down Solution offered the product via infomercials that ran on Bravo, Comedy Central and Pax, while Maderia marketed the product online through Web sites, including polyglucosamine.com, according to the FTC.

Resellers sold the product at retail under other names, including Everslim and Mini Max, the agency said.

The FTC seeks a permanent injunction against the companies to halt their marketing as well as unspecified consumer compensation.

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