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From Mad Men to Mad Tech: Bridging Martech and Ad Tech to Optimize Customer Engagement

Taking a data-driven approach to customer engagement requires a deep
understanding of the customer journey from anonymous to known. The
convergence of martech and ad tech now provides opportunities for marketers to derive insight from data and take action. Creating a consistent and complete foundation for analysis, orchestration, and execution across
touchpoints is a significant opportunity for brands that want to engage in
more targeted and effective ad experiences.
Join guest speaker Joe Stanhope, VP and Principal Analyst at and Patrick Tripp, VP of Product Strategy at RedPoint Global for a webinar to discuss how to bridge customer insights and extend audiences for activation across digital and traditional channels. Key topics will include:

  • Strategic role of identity resolution and opportunities for brands to generate insights from data and take action
  • New best practices for assembling the marketing technology stack to drive strategic value and deliver cohesive customer experiences
  • Use cases and opportunities for brands to combine ad tech and martech
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