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French Rail Firm Drives Loyalty With Siebel

Societe Nationale des Chemins de Fer Francais, the French state-owned railway company, is gaining business value from Siebel solutions and implementation by Accenture, Siebel Systems said yesterday.

The rail company anticipates up to a 25 percent revenue increase in the customer loyalty segment using Siebel Business Analytics, Siebel Call Center, Siebel Marketing and Siebel Loyalty Management. The company's new subsidiary, CRMServices, also has used Siebel Systems to link loyalty and marketing and potentially will reach 3 million to 5 million customers through targeted promotions.

“This project is critical to our ongoing success as a leading European land transportation organization,” said Sylvie Latour, CEO of CRMServices. SNCF manages 16 million passengers and 135 million tons of freight yearly. Annual revenue exceed $5 billion.

In the European transportation sector, customers typically have many options when traveling. The growing presence of air travel Internet sites and the rise of low-cost air carriers threaten the market share of traditional rail carriers.

SNCF wanted to build on its record of customer service. One way to do this involved joining the S'Miles multibrand loyalty program, which includes other French-based companies such as Galeries Lafayette and Casino. Under this program, SNCF's top customers received loyalty rewards once they gave identifying information about themselves. For the first time, the company had customer data that provided insight into the specific travel and purchase behaviors of its most valuable customers.

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