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Free TiVo Helps Agents Support Product

TiVo, creator of a technology that allows TV watchers to record programs without a tape or VCR, is helping its teleservices provider learn about TiVo's product by giving call center agents free use of its personal digital recording service.

Approximately 65 ClientLogic agents doing inbound support for TiVo receive the service at home at no charge. TiVo customers surveyed in the first quarter gave the technical support agents a satisfaction rating of 94.3 percent, 10 percent above TiVo's goal of an 85 percent satisfaction rating, Channing Rollo, ClientLogic director of marketing and communications, said yesterday.

Customer satisfaction was measured according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Consumers are contacted within 48 hours of receiving phone support and are asked to rate their experience on a five-point scale.

Rollo declined to disclose the volume of calls generated by the TiVo account each year.

Nashville-based ClientLogic has handled inbound customer support for TiVo since 1999. The teleservices company, which employs 12,000 associates in 54 facilities in 11 countries, hopes to expand that relationship by taking on e-mail customer support for TiVo, Rollo said. However, no timetable has been set for ClientLogic to begin e-mail support for TiVo.

“We're very proud that the relationship continues to grow, especially as TiVo's customer base is growing,” Rollo said. “We think it's a pretty unique approach.”

Agents working on the TiVo account are loaned a personal digital recorder — which retails for $300 to $700 — and get to keep the equipment after celebrating their one-year anniversary on the campaign. TiVo also waives the monthly $9.95 fee for the service as long as the agent is working on the account.

Giving agents direct access to the technology they are supporting familiarizes them with the product, Rollo said. Also, agents know from personal experience what it feels like to be a first-time user of the technology, an understanding that helps them serve customers better, she said.

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