Free tabloid Metro redesigns U.S. editions

Metro, the free daily newspaper distributed at commuter points, has unveiled a redesign of its U.S. editions in New York, Boston and Philadelphia.

The move follows the recent changes made to Metro Sweden last summer.

The title plans to adopt the changes across its 70 worldwide editions within the next few years.

New features to the paper include a daily Metro newsmaker profile featuring an influential personality, a business page that will include content from Bloomberg and better opportunities for advertisers to reach Metro’s 18 to 39 year-old reader demographic.

The new layout gives more favored ad positions within premium sections of the paper.

Guinness World Records recently named metro the world’s largest global newspaper. It reaches more than 1 million readers daily in the United States with a target audience that is evenly split across gender. Seventy percent are under the age of 45.

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