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Free Online Service Helps With Web Design Planning

Constructors Inc., Palo Alto, CA, launched a free online service this week that provides companies with real-time cost and production time estimates for Internet design needs.

The service, Projects Estimator, is targeted at small and mid-sized businesses. It has a directory of affiliate Internet design programs and consultation firms.

Constructors spokeswoman Stephanie Macadaan said her firm, which launched in the spring, will focus on the growing number of small businesses going online and on Internet-based firms that are redesigning or experimenting with their Web sites.

“Nowadays, most everybody is looking to build a Web site or improve on the one they have,” Macadaan said. “The goal is to be their one-stop destination.”

Companies can shop for services at the site in two ways. They can post jobs, allowing all firms in the directory to place bids. Or, they can review the list of Internet design agencies for specific criteria, such as location and experience, and send those companies requests for quotes from eConstructors.com.

Visit www.econstructors.com for more information.

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