Frederiksen Launches Authors ‘Masters’ Campaign

Frederiksen Television, Washington, will debut a campaign later this month to coincide with the release of “Master Series,” a three-tape series that culls several bestselling authors’ personal selections of what they consider their most important spiritual and human-development lessons.

Daily Planet produced the tapes, and a compact disc version of the series is tentatively planned based on the success of the initial offering. Frederiksen Television is a member of the Frederiksen Group.

Included in the set are selections from DRTV veterans Depak Chopra, Dr. John Gray and Jack Canfield, author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” The campaign will simultaneously launch with 1- and 2-minute nationally televised short-form direct response spots, direct response radio spots, a Web site dedicated to the tapes and Web marketing saturation, including placement on Frederiksen’s Web site,

“Oftentimes, there is no single way to market a new product and because of the timeliness of this very special series – it being the dawn of a new millennium – we feel that it should launch at several channels simultaneously,” said Lee W. Frederiksen, CEO at the Frederiksen Group.

Frederiksen expects to eventually distribute the series to retail, catalogs and home-shopping networks.

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