Frederiksen Group Goes Krazy for Cows

The Frederiksen Group announced recently that Frederiksen Television has completed production on four 60-second and 120-second DRTV spots for the Krazy Cow, a stuffed animal produced by Imagitel Inc. Frederiksen is buying all media for the test, which will begin airing on national cable this month.

The toy is available at two price points — $19.95 and $29.95 — and moos and laughs when touched on the hoof. The stuffed animal also bounces and dances on any surface.

“The success of the Boogie Bass has [proved] that there is a market for novelty products like Krazy Cow,” said Lee Frederiksen, founder/CEO of The Frederiksen Group, Falls Church, VA. “With the holiday shopping season coming up, the market is ripe for a new product like this. We anticipate that it will do very well on television, leading into a run in retail.”

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