Frawley Named CEO of Epsilon

Just a few months ago Epsilon executed a major rebranding of its business as a multi-disicipline, cross-channel, customer engagement company. Today it announces a new CEO to guide its unified strategy: current president, Andy Frawley.

Frawley takes the business down a road well-traveled by marketing services companies—some quite successfully, some not so—of presenting a one-stop-shop option to clients. “Clients working across multiple channels may have as many as 10 vendors,” Frawley told Direct Marketing News at the announcement of the rebranding. “We want to extend the perception that the data business, the technology business, and the agency business all thrive under one roof at Epsilon.”

Frawley joined Epsilon, an Alliance Data company, in 2009 as president of marketing technology; in that role he managed loyalty, database, and digital operations. Prior to that he was CEO of ClickSquared, where he helped grow the small business marketing portal into an enterprise SaaS solution and, ultimately, into an automated multichannel marketing platform. His tenure there lasted five years, concluding in 2008.

This fall Wiley published Frawley’s new book, Igniting Customer Connections, in which he puts forth a position that ROI doesn’t cut it as a metric for marketers anymore, and proposes a new one: return on experience times engagement.

Frawley will report to Bryan Kennedy, whom he succeeds as CEO and who will now serve in a directorial role over Epsilon and Conversant, a significant player in customer data and personalization technology that Alliance Data acquired in September. Frawley will be held accountable for all sales, account management, and delivery at Epsilon.

“The appointment of Andy as CEO is a natural step in our evolution and will continue to position Epsilon and our clients for success,” Kennedy said. “He brings tremendous expertise and strong relationships across our organization as well as Epsilon’s vast client base and the broader marketing industry.” 

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