Franchise debuts featuring ‘As Seen on TV’ products

Sandstrom OnTV Co., a newcomer to DRTV, is embracing everything “As Seen on TV” with the goal of creating a multichannel brand that celebrates 30 years of infomercials.

“It’s Americana, it’s who we are,” said Tim McCarthy, VP of franchise development for Sandstrom OnTV Co., about the products consumers have been watching on TV for years.

While independent retailers have sold “As Seen on TV” products in the past, Sandstrom’s goal is to create a national chain of stores with a consistent look throughout. The first two stores, which opened last month in the Phoenix area, are corporate-owned while the rest will be franchised.

The look of the stores will reflect what McCarthy calls “retro optimism,” through the use of brightly colored images of consumers using products from over the years. Infomercials will be played on 42-inch plasma TVs.

One appeal of the stores is that consumers “don’t have to take the risk of buying anything over the Internet or TV,” McCarthy said, adding that each available product can be tried in-store. In addition, the merchandising fixtures can be easily opened and used to demonstrate products.

The stores will be marketed via the infomercials for the products on its shelves. In addition, recognizable As Seen on TV pitchman Billy Mays has been signed as a company spokesman.

A retail Web site, at, is currently up and running. The company plans to revamp it next year in order to drive search engine optimization.


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