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Fox Soccer Channel debuts Audi-sponsored World Cup iPhone app

Fox Soccer Channel released an iPhone application May 27 to support its coverage of the FIFA World Cup, which begins June 11. Audi is the official sponsor of the “Ticket to South Africa” application.

“The goal is to take everything that we do to cover this event and bring it over to the person who is not in front of their TV or their computer,” said Bhavesh Patel, VP of interactive media at Fox Sports International. “We felt it was important to folks using the iPhone.”

The app will serve Audi’s iPhone-optimized ads, which will promote the company’s cars. Mobile services firm 2ergo built the application.

“They wanted to have another channel to have their viewers experience the upcoming World Cup,” said Lindsay Woodworth, director of marketing at 2ergo. “It is a great opportunity to get their content and their coverage out to viewers.”

Patel said the app targets both diehard soccer fans and casual viewers. It features Fox’s coverage of the tournament, including latest news, player stats, photo galleries, venue information and World Cup history. When the games begin, a scrolling ticker with live scores will stream in-game stats, play-by-play information and video clips.

The app also lets users personalize it to access content for their favorite team. Content is also socially enabled and can be shared to Facebook.

To promote the application, Fox is running banner ads on FoxSoccer.com and FoxSports.com. It will also promote the app during live event coverage.

After the World Cup, Fox will continue to support the app as a soccer destination. Patel added that Fox Soccer will launch an iPhone app with live game streaming this fall.

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