Fox Interactive Media appoints president of new ad unit

Fox Interactive Media (FIM) is beefing up its ad sales infrastructure with its new unit, the Fox Interactive Media Audience Network, that combines advertising technology with ad and performance sales. Former EVP of technology and production Adam Bain has been appointed president of the new unit.

The aim of the Media Audience Network is to increase monetization across FIM’s content network. The team will be responsible for the sales of performance-based ads for both FIM and third-party sites. FIM will also continue to work with third-party ad networks to sell inventory across its properties.

In his new role, Bain will report directly to Peter Levinsohn, president of Fox Interactive Media, and will be based out of FIM’s Santa Monica, CA, offices. As EVP of technology and production, Bain oversaw the acquisition of Strategic Data Corporation, which became the basis of FIM’s monetization platform. In addition, he helped create an ad platform called HyperTargeting by MySpace, as well as another self-service ad product, slated to launch on MySpace this year.

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