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Fox Entices Web Site Visitors With Ads for 'Moulin Rouge'

Eyeblaster ads on VH1.com are among the eye-catching creative used to promote the June 1 release of “Moulin Rouge.” New York-based eyeblaster's rich media ad, which floats across a page of content, is used to promote the film in conjunction with several Superstitial, interstitial and standard banner ads.

Through June 3, visitors to VH1.com's 100 Greatest Hits section, MTV.com and other sites are greeted with an ad that loads automatically. Viewers see a cartoon man walking across the page who posts a “Moulin Rouge” movie poster over the content on the top half of the page. When visitors scroll their mouse over the movie poster, they hear the movie's hit single, “Lady Marmalade.” They also can interact with the ad by clicking through to the film's site, clubmoulinrouge.com.

“The eyeblaster is very intrusive and impactful, and something really different,” said Sanchari Chakravarty, account manager at i-Traffic.com, which developed the campaign for Fox Filmed Entertainment. However, Chakravarty does not believe consumers will be irritated by the automatically loading creative, which disappears from the screen after a short time.

“If something like that popped up on your screen, you would start playing with it,” Chakravarty said. “Not like that annoying paper clip you get on Microsoft that won't go away.”

Ads of various sizes and types also ran from May 4 through June 3 on Listen.com, Bolt.com, Alloy.com, Launch.com, Snowball.com and Dialpad.com.

Two Superstitial ads running on several sites include Flash images from the movie, converted from the trailer. When users scroll their mouse over the film's main characters, played by Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor, the Flash images stop and the viewers hear the characters say a line from the movie.

A similar interactive ad running on Launch.com, a 120-pixel-by-800-pixel “skyscraper” ad, plays a portion of “Lady Marmalade” when users place their mouse anywhere on the ad. Around an image of the main characters, the ad copy exclaims: “Moulin Rouge! Experience it Now! In Theatres June 1.” Users also can click to visit the film's site via a button titled “Visit the Club.”

The use of audio within online advertising was an important component of the “Moulin Rouge” campaign, according to Chakravarty. “The soundtrack has already had success with the release of 'Lady Marmalade,' so we leveraged the success of the song to entice users to go see the film,” she said.

I-Traffic also recently developed creative featuring audio for “Cast Away” that prompts viewers to pre-order the DVD, which will be released June 12. Users who choose to turn on the ad's audio hear waves as they watch images from the film. “It creates a mood or feel for the banner and is very immersive,” Chakravarty said.

MediaPlex, San Francisco, an advertising technology firm, used new technology to track interactivity in the “Moulin Rouge” ads.

“We're tracking each action separately, such as whether users wanted to hear sound, or if they didn't like one level, did they go somewhere else, such as to the site?” said Michael Chaney, MediaPlex's San Francisco manager.

The interactivity theme of the “Moulin Rouge” ads corresponds with the movie's Web site, which greets visitors with scrolling movie scenes. Visitors have several options, including listening to streaming music from the movie; clicking to find out more about the Cannes Film Festival; viewing the trailer; and learning about the film and its characters.

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