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Four Ways to Enhance Direct Mail Performance With Digital Media

Digital enthusiasts like to crow about the “death of direct mail,” but make no mistake: when combined with digital channels, direct mail can be even more effective now than ever before! Many marketers still treat and track digital and traditional channels separately. In order to enhance the performance of direct mail, marketers should effectively integrate all new and emerging digital channels. Here are four examples:

Direct Mail and Online Advertising is an especially effective digital-traditional, cross-channel tactic. Once respondents visit the landing page featured in the mail piece, an embedded tracking code on that landing page will trigger targeted online ads to be served to the respondent after they’ve left the site. Services such as DoubleClick are useful to implement these online strategies to supercharge your direct mail ROI.

Cross-Channel Marketing via Email and Direct Mail is another proven way to increase results. A recent study showed a 62% lift in ROI for digital campaigns that included direct mail. The key is to work closely with list managers to build accurate cross-channel lists, and make sure the distribution of the emails and mail is tightly paired.

PURLs—“Personalized URLs”—are unique web addresses and foundational to a variety of marketing campaigns that use direct mail, email, and mobile channels. We all know that customers prefer to go online and get additional information about a product or offer. A key benefit of PURLs is that marketers will not only know “how many” responded, but “who” responded for prompt follow up and improved sales conversions.

QR codes and Augmented Reality (AR) are great tools with which you can leverage video  to enhance conversions. A benchmark analytics report reveals that 71% of marketers feel that their video content’s conversion performance was either somewhat or much better compared to other types of marketing content. The same survey showed that about half of the respondents—48%—felt their video content ROI was still improving.

Today’s technology allows easy linking to video and AR via mobile phone apps, making a simple postcard and mobile app the launch pad from which interactive experiences spring. That makes it more important than ever to make sure your landing pages are mobile-friendly and ready to receive traffic derived from the direct mail promotion.

With all of the digital innovations over the past few years, the bottom line is clear: Direct Mail is as strong as ever. But careful integration with digital marketing tactics—such as online advertising, cross-channel marketing with email, use of PURLs and QR codes or AR—is essential to maximize ROI.

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