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Foster’s Australia – Bicep Dancer by Clemenger BBDO Proximity, Melbourne

Title/Headline: Bicep Dancer
Product/Service: Carlton Dry
Target Audience: Australian men aged 18 – 25
Client Company: Foster’s Australia

Market Problem:

The ‘Tongue’ TVC (2006) gave Toohey’s Extra Dry a dominant market share with Australian men aged 18 – 25. ‘Team Dry’ has begun to change this. The campaign needed to make a defining brand statement about Carlton Dry, accelerate growth of the brand, and take a bite of its competitors’ market share. Our goals were to: Grow awareness and consideration for Carlton Dry amongst the target and create an innovative campaign that defined a unique space for Carlton Dry to live in. We wanted to make Carlton Dry the brand that celebrates postponement. That allows young guys to feel OK about putting things off until tomorrow so that they can muck around and do what they really feel like doing. In a sentence, we wanted to stand for: “Carlton Dry: Proud Sponsors of Do It Tomorrow”. So we offered two one-year sponsorships for skills with no future in the real world – as part of Team Dry. In Team Dry we created branded content that people actually wanted to watch. We did it first and did it better, unearthing people with exceptionally useless skills from all over Australia along the way. We gave away 100,000 DVD’s, had over 60,000 hits on YouTube and brought bicep dancing to prime-time. We had a groundbreaking website too. Where you could watch the film and upload your audition for the team. We were the first ‘branded content’ on ‘Foxtel on Demand’ and people actually watched it. The Bicep Dancer TVC launched the campaign. With 60% or more growth, Carlton Dry beats regular beer growth six fold. Carlton Dry’s absolute volume growth prior to the campaign was consistently behind TED. Two months after the campaign launch, Carlton Dry was matching TED in growth, beer for beer.

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