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Former executive finds success in comedy venture

"Comedy Success"
“Comedy Success”

Lucas Zelnick, formerly a Viacom executive turned comedian, founded Sesh Comedy during a hiatus from his Stanford MBA studies.

Moving from a corporate career to a life in comedy, Zelnick found his true calling. Now, his time is dedicated to scouting talents, organizing events, and mentoring comedians.

Zelnick believes that all art forms, including comedy, deserve a nourishing platform to reach audiences. Sesh Comedy serves as his platform to do so.

Even with risks involved, he looks to the future of his career switch and Sesh Comedy with optimism and excitement.

When COVID-19 disrupted the norm, Zelnick saw a chance for transformation and decided to return to comedy with a collaborator in 2021. This led to fresh opportunities.

Originally, a venture into a barbershop as a venue significantly strained their finances. They responded by leasing a location on Manhattan’s Lower East Side to establish Sesh Comedy.

Transitioning from boardroom to comedy stage

This shift was made possible through financial support of a hard seltzer brand, a business started by Zelnick’s cousin.

By late 2021, Sesh Comedy had entered an earnout contract with a new management team, marking the beginning of a gradual transition in club ownership. During this period, the comedy club opened a second location, expanding its footprint in the comedy scene.

Running a comedy club presents challenges like high operating costs and infrastructure issues. However, they found success by offsetting costs through corporate sponsorship and focusing the platform on promoting emerging comedians.

Zelnick’s corporate past signaled to him that a traditional career was not his path, leading to Sesh Comedy’s success. His journey from corporate stalwart to comedy club founder illustrates the hardships and victories involved in starting a venture.

Despite questioning his decision to diverge from a secure corporate career, the success of Sesh Comedy stands as a testament to his determination and unconventional choice. His story serves as a reminder that adaptability in adversity is an important characteristic of successful startups.

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