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Ford debuts social media campaign for new Fiesta

The Ford Motor Company is taking a new approach to social media marketing and tapping young trendsetters to help spread the word about the new European Ford Fiesta. The campaign is part of a partnership between Ford, digital think tank Undercurrent and AMG, a Colorado-based partner of Undercurrrent.

With the new campaign, deemed the Fiesta Movement, Ford has invited 100 young people to live with the car for six months. These agents will be given special missions for driving the car and report on their findings on a variety of social media sites.

The missions are designed to be fun new experiences that they will report on through their Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter feeds. The Fiesta is tied into all of the adventures.

The agents were selected after applying on the Ford site. The submission called for them to post short videos on YouTube explaining why they would be the best representative agents for the Fiesta Movement. The applicants were chosen based on their online experience with blogging and social friends, as well as for their stories about their desire for adventure. Most of the agents have hundreds or thousands of Facebook friends and followers on Twitter. More than 4,000 applications were submitted, and there were more than 640,000 views of applicant videos on YouTube.

The Fiesta Movement campaign is aimed at millennials — those born between 1979 and 1995.

This week, the agents will receive notification about their upcoming missions. There will be six different monthly themes, the first of which is to create content on travel. Each of the agents will choose an individual mission around this theme.

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