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Forbes turns to Gyro for CMO-targeted work

Forbes Media has named integrated marketing firm Gyro AOR for its CMO practice. Gyro, which signed an 18-month contract with Forbes, will handle the company’s CMO-directed efforts, said Bruce Rogers, chief insights officer at Forbes. 

There was no formal RFP process, said Rogers, who declined to disclose the account’s budget.

“The focus of our work for Forbes is going to be around what they refer to as their CMO practice, which is an integrated palette of activities around their own outreach to and support for CMOs, including content, events and research insights that are developed,” said Rick Segal, worldwide president and chief practice officer of Gyro. He described the agency’s work for Forbes as “CMO CRM.”

Rogers said Gyro will be responsible for “fashioning all of our outbound communications directed to CMOs,” including direct mail, email, social media, Forbes’ own channels such as the CMO Network, and in-person experiences.

Gyro will also promote the “new brand positioning for Forbes, which is a work in progress, and you probably won’t see something until the fourth quarter,” said Rogers. He declined to offer specifics about the positioning but said it involves social media.

“It’s no secret that we’ve made a pretty dramatic re-architecture of our products with authoritative journalism at the center of social media,” said Rogers, who marked his first day as Forbes’ chief insights officer on June 17. He previously served as chief brand officer.

Gyro will be the exclusive AdVoice advertiser on the CMO Network site, said Rogers. The AdVoice program enables companies to publish content on the Forbes platform that will appear alongside editorial and user-generated content.

Forbes also works with interactive branding agency Landor Associates and marketing shop Walton Isaacson.

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