For Pampers, It’s All About Social, Baby!

Have you ever met a parent who didn’t want to show you a picture of their little bundle of joy? In its “Love, Sleep and Play” campaign, diaper brand Pampers is giving parents the opportunity to share their baby’s pictures with the entire social sphere—and is showing marketers that being where your customers are is the first step in toddling towards success.

The campaign, which launched July 1 and runs until August 6, encourages moms and dads living in North America to upload pictures of their babies loving, sleeping, and playing to the brand’s Facebook page. Pampers then showcases select images on the brand’s Facebook, Twitter, and online gallery pages. Mary Woods, communication manager of North America for Pampers, says social is a natural environment for the brand’s customers because it’s where they already converse with other parents, as well as with the brand. Woods adds that Pampers accumulated more than 20,000 photo submissions within less than three weeks of the campaign’s launch. 

“It’s so important to leverage social in this campaign because that’s where we know parents are engaging. So, it’s broader than just the photo submissions,” Woods says. “It’s where we know she’s seeking out information not only from the brand, but from her own mom community. We’re fishing where the fish already are versus trying to create platforms where we know it’s going to be difficult for her to search out that information.”

In addition to letting customers engage via social, Pampers is also extending its reach by sponsoring content on BuzzFeed. Woods says that the social content site allows Pampers to address some common baby questions and tap into an audience that may not currently engage with the brand.

“If you look at the BuzzFeed space, it’s like an info-seeking space that may not completely align with the look, tone, and equity feel of Pampers,” Woods says. “But it’s really a rich content source for mom to go there, get information, and ultimately, drive back to the Facebook page to enroll in not only the campaign, but everything that the Facebook community has to offer.”

Matt Griffith, brand manager of North America for Pampers, adds that these brand engagement portals help Pampers establish strong ties with its customers and be top of mind when parents are cruising down the diaper aisle.

“When we can build these deep relationships with mom and really celebrate what’s important to her, we get a more meaningful relationship with her and that’s ultimately what she’s looking for when she’s making her choices,” he says.

In addition to leveraging social and content marketing, Pampers is also promoting the campaign via mobile and traditional banner ads, broadband video, and event marketing, including hosting a Love, Sleep, and Play event in New York this summer.

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