For media monitoring, iQ media is a strong alternative to Cision and Vocus


iQ media is a cloud-based media intelligence provider. The platform tracks coverage across print, broadcast, and online media, social media channels, blogs, forums, and review sites.

Clients can access real-time and historical coverage, including TV content dating back to 2010. Other features include tools to transform broadcast segments into content marketing assets and the ability to push content, including video, to mobile devices. Measurement capability includes comparative analysis of companies, people, issues and terms.

Annual subscriptions start at $17,000.

Anne Gordon, SVP of media and communications for the Philadelphia Eagles, has been using iQ media for about a year and a half.

How do you use it?
My staff uses iQ media on a daily basis to monitor coverage and create reports.

It’s impossible to look at everything that’s covered about the NFL and the Eagles – it’s just too overwhelming. We monitor aspects of our coverage, which might include our community events, charitable endeavors, or comments made by our coach or one of the players.

I get a monthly customized report directly from iQ media on a variety of factors we have built into the platform. My staff also creates reports that evaluate how successful a specific event or program was for our sponsors and us. These reports are shared throughout our entire organization.

We call our account representative for help with all technical and research issues. It’s been a very good, fluid relationship.

I also work with a research person at iQ media who is quite sophisticated and helps me with personalized reporting.

How does it serve your business needs?
It is important to understand the impact of our public comments or events. Using iQ media helps us put a dollar and a research figure to that so we can understand the consequences of some of our comments or things that might happen with the team and recognize a problem immediately and change course if necessary.

It is also a tool that helps us measure how effective an event is for our sponsors. To quantify that and talk about that in a meaningful way is critical to our business model.

In the near future, we are holding an event with our partners Aramark and the chefs who cook at our stadium for media and season ticket holders. The event will include food testing, facts about the chefs, and more.

The event will give Aramark an opportunity to talk about their chefs and management of a large stadium, and we can tell the story of our business partnership and engage fans, who are customers at the stadium.

We’ll use iQ media to evaluate the event across social and traditional media. It will help us do a better job for our partners and understand that line where an event and a previously considered PR moment really intersect and how we can make that more engaging.

We’ll also create and circulate our own content, and we’ll use iQ media to view how our content marketing helped tell the story.

How does it integrate with your existing infrastructure from an IT standpoint?
It’s all Web-based. It’s integrates well with Salesforce, which is critical for us.

What are the main benefits?
It facilitates executive-level discussions about the value and transparency of our efforts in digital marketing, PR, and content marketing.

IQ media is an immediate tool in a crisis. It helps us quickly identify the scope or potential scope of an issue.

It’s very helpful for collecting data over time and for tracking improvement or change.

What are the main drawbacks?
I’m constantly seeking a tool that does everything well and comes with the added benefit of sophisticated analysis. I believe iQ media and a few others, including Bulletin Media, are on the cutting edge of this and do it well, but analysis is still difficult in an industry that’s trying to set standards and measure what’s real and meaningful and what’s not.

What would you like to see improved/added?
About 10 months ago, my staff gave iQ media feedback on how to make the platform easier to use. Those suggestions were implemented.

: provides a social media marketing suite (Meltwater Buzz) as well as global media monitoring and analytics, a media contact database, and news distribution services (Meltwater News).

Vocus*: provides PR Suite software that includes a media database, news, blog, and social media monitoring, analytics, and press release distribution. 

Cision*: provides a media database, press release distribution, media monitoring, and media analysis.

*GTCR Canyon Holdings announced in June 2014 intent to combine Vocus and Cision

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