*Fogdog Adds Angara's Full Suite of Services

BOSTON — Angara, an e-commerce services provider that helps companies target their Web site content to increase conversion rates, announced that Fogdog.com is the first company to roll out its entire suite of services.

Angara launched with geographic targeting capabilities to help Web sites serve targeted content such as offers and promotions according to Web site visitors' addresses.

However, it strengthened its offering by adding demographic and behavioral targeting capabilities earlier this year. It licensed Engage's behavioral targeting technology last month and MatchLogic's demographic targeting capabilities in June.

“We're bringing together the best available online fact base for targeting content to anonymous visitors,” said Richard Clayton, vice president of marketing for Angara, Mountain View, CA.

The service works by automatically assigning customers to a segment if they have received cookies from Engage or MatchLogic. The site then will serve targeted test offers based on that segment's profile.

By bringing these companies together, Clayton said, Angara knows at least one attribute of 40 percent of the traffic that comes to a client site.

Angara claims its services have netted its 15 clients as much as a 30 percent lift in conversion rates.

The company considers its competitors to be Cogit.com, Coremetrics and a few other companies.

“Angara doesn't match online data with offline data, and we don't capture personally identifying information,” Clayton said of the difference between Angara's service and those of its competitors.

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