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Fluz rebrands to engage younger digitally-minded audience

"Rebranded Fluz"
“Rebranded Fluz”

Fluz, the cooperative earning app, has unveiled a rebrand designed to shake up financial branding and engage tech-savvy millennials and Gen Zs. The ambitious redesign not only includes a bold new visual identity, but an enhanced user experience with simplified navigation and personalized features.

Rejecting the trend of minimalistic branding, Fluz stands out with a bold, visually-pleasing design strategy. Their logos and brand assets are an explosion of bright colors and shapes, seeking to bring excitement every time you engage with the brand. A key part of the brand’s identity now includes abstract cityscape illustrations. Radiating a sense of fun and personality, Fluz encourages its users to stand out, not blend in.

Fluz pushes boundaries in their approach by utilizing original graphics and photography instead of blending with the generic. This exciting approach makes the interaction between the brand and its audience more engaging, authentic, and personalized.

The rebranded Fluz intends to be more than just a service to users, but an intriguing lifestyle entity. Born in 2018, Fluz offers cashback on all transactions and pushes the philosophy of maximum earnings from regular transactions.

Rebranding Fluz: appealing to digital natives

This distinctive ethos is encapsulated in the new slogan, “Fluz empowers you to maximize your money”.

“Life on Max”, as defined by Arthur Foliard, the Executive Creative Director, aims to help users enjoy and master their financial control. Emphasizing smart and rewarding money management, the brand encourages users to get the most from every dollar while ensuring robust support on their financial journey.

Gen Z’s engagement played a vital role in shaping the brand’s new image. Fluz’s digital redesign reflects their demand for transparency, inclusivity, and empowerment. The designs encapsulate a youthful energy, incorporating bold typography and immersive animations. With this revitalized identity, Fluz seeks to strengthen its position in an evolving market and widen its consumer engagement.

The rebrand boasts a powerful, comfortable logo and a blend of modern typography models. Every design element, including the colors, mirror the company’s mission of earning more and worrying less about finances. It signifies a renewed commitment to providing a rewarding financial experience for its users.

Designed with a balance of lighter and darker shades, the secondary palette enhances the immersion of the visual journey steering away from typical Gen Z branding colors. Combined with surrealistic illustrations, this creates a captivating brand persona, a fusion of reality and fantasy. The new look of the brand effectively communicates the mission of the company – ‘Life on Max’, engaging the audience on a personal level.

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