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Fluz injects fun into financial management

"Fun Financial Injection"
“Fun Financial Injection”

Fluz, an innovative earning application, has launched its refreshing new branding identity, sparking a revolution in financial branding. This user-focused financial platform aims to turn the mundane task of managing finances into an exciting, interactive task.

Breaking away from the monotone designs commonly associated with financial applications, Fluz’s aesthetic future is vibrant and engaging. Utilizing bold colors and intuitive designs, the platform promises a unique, seamless navigation experience. This move establishes Fluz as a pioneer, blending creativity with finance, thereby setting new industry standards.

Launched on June 17, 2024, Fluz’s rebranding speaks volume about its inclusive ethos. By offering deals on daily purchases and significant passive income opportunities, the brand encourages users to take full reins of their financial resources. The main philosophy, “Life on Max,” exemplifies the intent to optimise personal finances.

Designed to appeal to Gen Z’s values of financial independence, inclusivity, and transparency, Fluz is reshaping how the younger generation interacts with finance.

Infusing creativity in Fluz’s financial platform

The power of intelligent financial management is what the brand aims to propagate. Thus, the rebranding is inclusive of Gen Z-friendly features and policies that provide fair, easy to access, and flexible solutions.

Describing the new logo, Arthur Foliard, the Executive Creative Director at Koto, highlights its representation of Fluz’s fearless and inventive ethos. The vibrant colors and minimalist lines capture the brand’s commitment to progressive solutions and risk-taking. The aim was to resonate with today’s digital consumers and foster a robust relationship with the app users.

The chosen typography and the color palette collectively enhance Fluz’s brand identity, striking the perfect balance between commanding character and elegance. The unique illustrative style distinguishes the brand and effectively visualizes the concept of ‘Life on Max,’ making financial empowerment accessible and appealing. Thus, Fluz has successfully created a unique place within the financial ecosystem.

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