Flickr launches video sharing

Yahoo Inc. has launched video sharing capability on its Flickr Web site, which already offered photo sharing.

Flickr pro members are now able to upload videos from camcorders, mobile phones and digital cameras up to 90 seconds in length. Any Flickr member or non-member is able to view the videos.

“We did a survey and we noticed a trend that people were gathering videos on these devices and not sharing them,” said Shanan Delp, senior product manager at Flickr. “We wanted to unlock this emerging content and allow users to share it with their friends and the world.”

Video on Flickr, which will be available in eight languages, is utilizing Yahoo’s video platform. Users who upload video are also given the option of making their videos private, visible to only friends and family or to make them public.

Another tool Flicker members can utilize is My Map, which allows members to use geotagging to show where on a world map their videos and pictures were taken.

Flickr, which has 42 million monthly visitors, plans to continue to develop the site. “We listen to what consumers are asking for through groups and discussions on the site,” Delp said. “We’re excited and pleased with how this has been received by the Flickr community and we can’t wait to see what they do with it.”

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