Flat DM Sales a Highpoint in Brookstone’s 3Q

Brookstone Inc. said yesterday that its net sales reached $76.7 million during the third quarter ended Oct. 29, representing a 7.3 percent decrease compared to last year. Same-store sales decreased 11.3 percent during the same period while direct marketing sales remained flat at $13.9 million.

Also, Brookstone reported an $11.7 million loss from continuing operations as compared to a $6 million loss from continuing operations in Q3 2004. After discontinued operations, the company reported a net loss of $13.4 million compared to a net loss of $6.7 million last year. In June, the company announced its intention to sell the Gardeners Eden business and, as a result, began reflecting it as a discontinued operation in the second quarter.

For the 39-week period ended Oct. 29, Brookstone posted a 3.9 percent decrease in sales to $241 million. Year-to-date same-store sales decreased 8.7 percent while DM sales rose $1.4 million to $38 million.

Year to date, Brookstone reported a net loss from continuing operations of $20.4 million compared to a net loss of $9.9 million last year. After discontinued operations, the company’s net loss was $25.9 million compared to $11.8 million last year.

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