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FKI Logistex Snares $20M Norway Post Deal

FKI Logistex, an integrated material handling solutions provider, said yesterday that it won a $20 million contract from Norway Post, Norway's national postal service, to supply seven of its new multi-sorter systems.

The new systems are for Norway Post operations in Vestfold, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger and Oslo. FKI Logistex, Frederick, MD, is the first company in material handling to supply this type of system.

The FKI Logistex Multi-Sorter allows for simultaneous sorting of flats, letters, packages and irregular mail fed from different induction sources. FKI Logistex said other systems require multiple sorters to perform these separate tasks.

These multi-sorters are designed to simultaneously handle flats, packages and bundles fed by various load carriers and in-feed stations. Multi-sorter control and information systems provide image capture and read barcode data.

The multi-sorter design offers efficiencies to small and large postal agencies and facilities. On one hand, multi-sorters handle the high volumes of unusually shaped or sized mail (irregular mail) found in large facilities that can justify automation. In smaller facilities, where mail volumes are limited, it is easier to justify the investment in one multi-sorter than in multiple conventional letter, flat or parcel sorters.

FKI Logistex begins the Norway Post project in Vestfold in early 2006. The project is scheduled for completion in mid-2008.

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