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Five ways to use search and social media to maximize your TV buy

If a potential customer is intrigued by a TV ad, how can brands capture them when they search the Internet for information? This type of integration needn’t be complicated. These tips can help capture the online buzz generated by your ads:

Invite viewers to your site Include a URL onscreen or in the voice over of your commercial to give viewers a next step. Even if those people don’t visit your site now, the call to action signals that more content is available online.
Anticipate how people will search Given that 80% of online sessions begin at a search engine, make sure your customers can find your brand — no matter how they search for it.

Don’t just focus on your brand name Viewers may not remember details. Note the memorable points of your commercial, such as taglines or spokesperson names, and use them to expand your keyword list. Be where people are likely to seek you out Not all interest is expressed on traditional search engines like Google or Yahoo. If someone wants to watch your commercial again, their first instinct may be to search YouTube. Build a presence on the social networks that best drives online customers to you. Profiles and content on social networks often find their way into general search engine results, providing more opportunities to reach interested people.

Keep messages consistent  Because people search for elements of your TV campaign, use the same message in search ads, social networks and landing pages. This provides continuity for your message, and that consistency tells people that they’re heading in the right direction.

Engagement doesn’t end at your landing page
After someone clicks through to your landing page, what’s next? Provide a call to action that allows people to take the next step with your product. Reward those who find your site with something interactive. This could be a game, an extended cut or some behind the scenes content about your brand.

Finally, cross-link all of your brand’s social profiles on your landing page to let people find the interaction that best suits them. Their initial visit may not result in a sale, but if you can maintain an ongoing dialogue with your audience by turning them into followers on Twitter or fans on Facebook, you give yourself a chance to drive some form of conversion later.

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