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Five Questions for: Matt Langie, senior director of product marketing at Omniture

Omniture, a data company that works with hundreds of technology vendors including ExactTarget and Silverpop to help combine data with digital channels to make campaigns more intelligent, recently partnered with ComScore to help media planners have better audience measurement tools. DMNews chats with Matt Langie, senior director of product marketing at Omniture, about data integration, behavioral targeting legislation and the new partnership.

Q: What are some of the ways marketers are integrating Web analytics into other channels?

A: Marketers are able to deliver a much better experience for their customers when they integrate data with other channels. For example, we have integration partnerships with e-mail vendors such as ExactTarget and Silverpop. By integrating their e-mail systems and services with our Web analytics, our joint customers can now tell things like when e-mails are being sent and when they are opened and when a customer converts. Then they can tie this back into their e-commerce store or a CRM program.

Q: What are some of the things that marketers are doing with data?

A: Marketers are analyzing data and using them to gain insight about conversion rates. For example, if they find that recipients are not being very responsive to an e-mail campaign, they can change the copy or the graphics in it. You can test different offers through the subject line, for example.

In addition, marketers are also testing responsiveness to copy or creative and then swapping out the content or creative based on the response rates. For example, a banner ad that has a higher response rate can be swapped out for one that is not seeing a response.

Another example is bringing back to life an expired campaign. For example, you may have a campaign that expires at a certain point and time, say October 30, and the consumers may not have opened that e-mail on time. Say they don’t open it until November 5. Instead of having wasted the e-mail, you can now have that e-mail dynamically serve up the next campaign that doesn’t expire until December 1, for example.

Q: How are you seeing brands work with this kind of data for the holidays?

A: Brands and e-commerce sites can better tune their offers using data. By integrating the Web analytics systems with the e-commerce systems, you can have campaigns that go out based on the availability of the product. If an e-commerce vendor is getting low on stock, they can swap out the creative or the content automatically, based on the ad being tied into the back end fulfillment system.

Q: What are your views on the FTC’s investigation into behavioral targeting?

A: We are members of the Web Analytics Association, which is working with the government to be as open and transparent as possible about how the technology works.

For us, the most important idea is that marketers need to respect privacy but they have to do so with a balance. What is really missing from the argument is attention to this level of service. For example, if you are a consumer at a bank, when you go to that bank site, you log in and you enter the password that you enter. There is a certain level of service and privacy and security that you expect with your bank.

If you go to an e-commerce Web site, however, and you are just randomly shopping for a product, then you might not have that level of expectation of using the password that you have to enter every time you enter that Web site. There are different levels of expectation when it comes to privacy. I certainly don’t want my bank account information shared on the Web, but at the same time, I may not mind as a consumer that an e-commerce site I’ve shopped at before knows that I was on their site looking for a pair of shoes, so that they can offer me recommendations. If I shop for Nike, they may want to recommend Reebok. That level of service may be okay for me.

Q: What are some of the opportunities and challenges of your new partnership with comScore?

A: Web analytics-based systems and the panel systems have traditionally had disparate data collection tools and as a result, there have been dissimilar metrics that have created confusion for digital media planners. We are really trying to deliver a unified measurement system for publishers and advertisers, to provide a much more comprehensive view of digital audience measurement.

The solution that has been offered is really a best of breed approach that will enable the publishers and the advertisers to more comprehensively arrive at that audience number, that audience measurement and improve the return on ad spend. We will combine both of our findings and techniques to arrive at a more comprehensive number.

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